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The Mauritius Aquaculture is one of the key sectors identified by Government to boost local fish production and increase exports of locally produced seafood products. Consequently, an Aquaculture Master Plan was developed in 2007, covering, inter alia, inland and marine aquaculture development, potential sites for floating cage culture and the recommended fish species for culture. The region currently has 8 allocated  sites. The legislation on fish farming will very soon be amended and will include 12 additional sites for marine fish farming in Mauritius. Lagoon cage culture has a production range of 300 to 600 tonnes per production unit, while offshore cage culture has a production range of approximately 1000-5000 tonnes per production unit.



Developing a framework for a sustainable industry

  • Growfish will create one of the largest aquaculture businesses in the world.
  • The world is short of fish so the business will be sustained for a long time.
  • Growfish will co-operate and collaborate with local departments of Fisheries and bodies.


Increase in fish supplies local and international

  • A large percentage of Mauritian food is imported and by Growfish growing its own fish it can easily supply and support the local markets.
  • Growfish will assist in the creation of fish shops and distribution networks.
  • Within the next decade our planet will be short of 30 million metric tons of fish.


Export earnings – Will raise the country’s GDP

  • Growfish would like to make a positive impact to the Mauritian people, as it will be residing in Mauritius and over time will be one of  the country’s largest businesses.


Creation of jobs and employment – over 800 plus Jobs

  • With government’s desire to reduce ocean net fishing, Growfish will be able to merge many of the existing fishermen and people into its business.
  • Growfish will also be working together with Agriculture to create Soy farms to produce Soy food for the fish farms.
  • A Growfish Processing plant will create jobs for the locals.
  • Numerous other interleaving business will also be created as the business expands.
  • Growfish will be spread across most of the west coast so labour will be allocated to the small villages and local communities within those areas.
  • Due to the shortage of experience in the field, Growfish will create an educational sponsorship program with the university to encourage aquaculture studies. These students will then be incorporated into a under-graduate program where they will work for Growfish part time.


Conservation of social structure – Using international BAP

  • Growfish will make use of the international Business Aquaculture Process Certifications to ensure the entire business complies with all global Aquaculture standards.
  • Adhere to all environmental certifications and laws of Mauritius.


Improved infrastructure in rural areas

  • Assessing the social acceptability of aquaculture
  • Aquaculture may appear to be a threat to local communities, so as a result Growfish will engage the locals through various programs so as to involve and educate them in the social and economic benefits for themselves, their communities and the country as a whole.



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